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Support for non-Chinese speaking students

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In response to the different needs of non-Chinese speaking children in learning Chinese, we use appropriate teaching strategies and a practical Chinese language environment to help them integrate into our campus life.


Teachers of each class make timely adjustments to the curriculum according to the abilities of non-Chinese speaking children. They will give individual explanations and communicate closely with non-Chinese speaking parents to keep a good track on the children's learning development.


The school has also added Chinese textbooks, such as children's literacy cards, Chinese character radical puzzle cards and Chinese character stroke sand board, so that children can learn Chinese through games.

Interview Arrangements:

Group or individual interviews will be arranged. The school will arrange teachers to interpret or translate English for applicants as needed, and can also accompany relatives and friends of non-Chinese speaking children to assist in communication.


If you have any enquiries about the above, please call 27043222 or Email

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